Thursday, March 08, 2018

if yesterdays Grateful Dead equip cases weren't far out enough, here's President Ike's Partio Bbq

The General Electric Partio wasn't awesome enough for having a portable stove, oven, rotisserie, and charcoal BBQ grill, all in one convenient cart

This one comes from the Palm Springs home of President Eisenhower, who called it "the most fantastic thing you ever saw."

Designed by General Electric in the early 1960s, the Partio Cart sold for almost $800. It is an electric range and oven on one side and a barbecue on the other. Just imagine the little woman on the oven side and the man of the house on the other. The Partio Cart originally came with an umbrella and a cover


  1. What kind of extension cord do you use with that?

    A few years ago, I wanted two things in my backyard/deck.

    An outdoor workbench and outdoor stove.

    The landlord offered to run a gas line to the outside to hook this and the grill up... I passed on that, I wanted to keep it movable.

    So I built this... (I hope the link works)

    The range came out of a RV, and the counter top is plastic decking.
    It now has slotted sides to enclose it a bit..

    1. The link won't work on the computer I'm at right this moment... damn firewall and security baloney keeps me off a lot of photo sharing websites