Friday, February 23, 2018

well this is obscure and obsolete, an the 1st I've ever heard of the WW1 lice killing clothes steamer truck to combat the pest, and typhus

Official figures show 71 per cent of duty-time lost in the AEF in France was through disease, against just 22 per cent from battle injuries.

The Army had a 'delousing' program which consisted of infrequent visits of a large tank-truck-like device and a steam generator. We were required to completely disrobe and toss our clothes into a bundle which was then thrown into the tank and live steam cooked the bugs. During this time we froze, of course, since the contraption never came on a nice warm day, but usually made its appearance during the winter months.  has a lot more photos


  1. Jesse, that is fascinating -- thanks for posting that.

    1. you're welcome! That's what I do... when I can find such historical things

  2. The 'truck' looks to be a Foden Steam Wagon.