Monday, February 19, 2018

In the 1950's, Pennsylvania railroad titans decided to put the truck lines out of business

Since the megawealthy controlled the state legislature (nothing has ever changed) they changed the load limit on trucking trailers to 45,000 pounds and single axle trailers, to limit the cargo profits on trucking.

The truckers didn't like that, stuck with dual axle trailers and paid the fines. It was more cost effective than giving into the new rules.

The wealthy rail roaders continued to see profits for cargo dwindle, and pushed harder, forcing the State Police to impound all the vehicles owned by the truck lines, that was 3000 tractor trailers, delivery vans, and executive Cadillacs

Trucking was picking up business due to delivery ability on most roads and streets and not limited to railroads, and by 1968, the situation worked itself out when the Penn Railroad went bankrupt and merged with the New York Central. The truckers won.

letters to the Hemmings Classic Cars editors Dec 2010

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