Wednesday, February 21, 2018

fyi, now the activists, agitators and protesters want us to boycott companies and products owned by corporate conglomerates that also make guns and ammo. I'm the opposite, I wonder if I could get a discount on anything they make with some free advertisement and endorsements?

I think I'm fairly well versed in biking (over 10k on my ol Raleigh 10 speed) and yet, I had no idea that so many bike brands are owned by big corporations

Giro, Bell, Camelbak, CoPilot, Blackburn, and other bike brands are owned by Vista Outdoor, a holding company who also owns gun products companies like Hoppes and Outers.

Hmmm,  if a woman wore Hoppes #9, would she need bodyguards with guns? Or would she get elected president?

American Eagle makes a wide variety of 22 ammo... I didn't even know there was subsonic 22 loads that are quieter. And hell, in 100 yards or less of target practice and varmint shooting, what difference is it going to make if the bullet gets there a mm lower or a couple milliseconds slower?

Anyway, just things in the news I thought it was interesting to note and tell you about

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  1. The sub-sonics are great for indoor practice but semi-autos tend to jam for lack of enough power to make them work.