Monday, January 01, 2018

Where did the Happy 1st day of Ownership photos go? Dang, they would be so cool to make a couple more posts of, like this Shelby GT 350 Mustang

I'm guessing this was the 2nd owners first day with it

.... because it already has plates. Why the white over the black? Gary knew as I'd forgotten, those were paper plates, or what's left of them, I've only seen one before


  1. As I recall from my California days back then, the plates stayed with the car. The paper plate is a temporary, new owner plate, until the paperwork goes through for the real plates on the car.

    1. Thanks! I'd forgotten that I've seen 1 temp plate... ever, and even so, I wouldn't realize that's what's taped on over that black and yellow plate. What caused you to move from the land of sun and sea?