Saturday, January 06, 2018

Good News! Finally "Comedians in Cars getting Coffee" is on Netflix! Episode one is with Jim Carrey

While its entire nine seasons are available (along with new episodes), they are not listed in order, instead dispersed in categories like "First Cup, Late Night Espresso," etc.

Conversely, you certainly doesn't need to digest the show chronologically to enjoy, and its 15-20 minute run times make it a perfect binge delicacy.

I posted back in March that this was going to happen in the Fall of 2017, as I had read. Turns out, timelines just don't work out from when they try to hype publicity, to when things happen.

Notice in the 1st episode though, with Jim Carrey, that they pull the Lambo up, nose into the curb, and when they leave the diner, someone has already turned the car around... as if Jerry Seinfeld can't find reverse in his Countach? Can't back up the car that has little or no view to the back?

If you keep on watching, I am, all afternnoon while I catch up on everything, you might also notice he always parks in the red, the yellow, next to a fire hydrant...

Anyway, I dig this show. It's relaxing, the guest stars are cool and people you'd like to hear talking about stuff, Jimmy Fallon, Jim Carey.. good stuff!

you can see the 1st episode here if you don't have netflix, and hell maybe more than just the 1st episode, I don't know

Fwiw, this is an astonishing look into what millionaires talk about. Get that clear right now, this isn't comedians, this isn't about cars. This is millionaires (Jerry worth 900M) talking to other millionaires.

For example, one guest is President Obama. Not a comedian
Another episode is Jerry's wife's best friend, who is Alexandra Wentworth. Add that she's George Stephanopolous' wife. Now, are you catching what I'm saying?
This show is mostly SNL cast members, then comedians, then actors.
Sarah Jessica Parker.  Not a comedian
Joel Hogsden  Not a comedian
Howard Stern, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Lorne Michaels, Hillary Swank. JB Smoove for the full list. 


  1. It's a fun show, but it looks like they are not going to show it online, which is a bummer for those of us without a Netflix streaming account.

    1. Umm... yo! 96! Right there, last line, they are on Daily Motion.... I took a half hour to find an online place, and shared it... are you telling me that either, 1) I put that up between posting the first time and my final edit an hour later but after you commented and before I got back to checking on comments (highly likely) or 2) you didn't read it?
      Either way, yup, they are online. At least, that one was, and I didn't have to time to look for others, I needed to screen shot the Volvo seat belt they focused on.

    2. I didn't see that link initially, buy maybe I was just mad that a show I like is now on a pay service. I mean really how many subscriptions do I have to get? Thanks for the link.

    3. Well, I agree with you... how damn many things does a person have to register for, subscribe to, have a password for, etc?!
      Did you know that the previous website this show was on,, wasn't a subscription site? I didn't. I never even went to look. Now I did, just to learn, and reply to your comment, and see that this show was free, no registering or subscribing. I didn't know! Never even tried, gave up on it because they mentioned some site I'd never heard of.
      I'm sitting around all weekend catching all the episodes now though

    4. On Wikipedia I saw that this show cost $100,000 per episode. Even with Seinfeld money and Acura sponsership that's a lot.

    5. and most of the cars he rents... and then try and figure out the cost of a camera crew, editing, production value added techniques, the follow and lead vehicles you see in most episodes... yeah, 110k makes sense, and I disagree, it's a dime an episode with Seinfeld money. He's a billionaire. That is 1000 million,and every million is 10 of the 100,000s, which is a 100,000 one hundred thousands. If my math is right, and it probably isn't.

      Now, when you are worth so much money that you can make 100,000 episodes of a show, but, you're only making about 10 a year, getting sponsorship,and then selling those to Netflix, or whatever company... you're not losing much money, and barely touching your vast fortune.
      For a billionaire? You can start walking down the street handing out 100 dollar bills.. which the interest on the fortune in the bank is creating at the same speed they hand them away.

    6. says Jerry makes 70 million a year. Netflix pays for Comedians in cars, and Hulu and all other syndications pay Jerry for "Seinfeld"

      So, Jerry can make all the episodes and hand out 100 dollar bills all day long, and still make 40 million a year. Tell me. What in the next 30 years of Jerry's life can he possibly spend a billion dollars on? Ditto every other billionaire. They make obscene amounts of money sit in banks. Then they die.

    7. What can he spend the money on? Cars... Once I heard him say in the show that "this is my car..." and in the credits it says the car was courtesy "Columbus 81 Productions". 13 of the cars in the series are owned by Columbus 81. I looked that up... Its owned by Jerry... One article says that although he does not say what he actually owns, its estimated that he owns 74 Porches...
      He doesn't look like the kind of guy Jay Leno is, actually getting his hands dirty, so he must also employ a private mechanic or two... Figuring that he has a garage in the greater NY area and one on the west coast...

      I love the show for the most part... Thanks for letting us know it was up on Netflix.

    8. So THAT is the deal with that Columbus 81! Thanks! He did own that many, he auctioned off 15 in 2016. He may still own that many, no one will know. I've popped around the internet and nothing seems to be out there about his collection. I recall seeing a parking garage of 6 or more stories and reading he owned it. Now, I doubt that, as why go up stairs? Easier to own a large flat warehouse type storage facility to have your collection on display, getting repaired, etc. We may never know.