Monday, January 01, 2018

A couple great guys sent me a donation at Christmas... (darn it, you guys are nice!) and asked me "where is that tip jar?" so I put it back up

I'm only going to have it up for a month, like last year, and if you've got the feeling that you've been thinking that you've been waiting to send some happy my way,  I'll be appreciative and send a thank you to your email (if it's in the note on Paypal)

If you won't be embarrassed, I'll do another post if someone throws a coin from the three point line and makes the tip jar ring like Christmas bells.

And this morning, beating me to the punch of posting up this message, were Andrew, Joseph and Gordon.

Thanks you guys! That's really very nice of you! Last year I replaced my ignition wires, which are burnt through in a couple places (and electrical taped over) and the back tireswere falling apart really  bad

I enjoy sharing all the stuff so much, some posts more than others, but they all are a good way to pass the time for me, and so many people seem to get a kick out of using this stuff to kick off their morning.

Maybe someday what I've put together will be something I can show someone, and they'll tell me that I've got a future with some job they need to fill.

Maybe even from home, with pizza! Or, on the road, getting to see the long list of places and things that I've been learning about over the past decade that I've been making this blog. Goodwood, Retromobile, Essen...

Maybe this year tips will raise enough to help me get the MSD distributor... last year I made the first step toward a MSD ignition, which I've wanted since they invented the darn thing, because I needed ignition wires the most. Since MSD are rated as the very best for a hi po engine, I decided, time to start fixing the car, one thing at a time.

Then after getting them, I find that they are specifically made for only an MSD distributor. So, they are sitting in the garage. Dang it. They have a proprietary design that means they won't work with a Mopar distributor cap

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