Friday, January 05, 2018

the evidence and argument why NOT to use stop leak

And though, in an emergency, it will get you home, for just stopping a leak so you can go on using your car it's a bad idea.


  1. This is NOT "Stop Leak"...derp derp

    1. Really? Go look at the source. The mechanic that posted this on Reddit which was then posted on with the same note. If they say it's stop leak, why the hell should I waste my time questioning the source? Do I use stop leak? Fuck no. I'm not that fucking stupid. If a leak happens, I don't move that vehicle until I've replaced the radiator, the hose, gasket or whatever.
      No fucking way I put miracle fix shit in my car. Things will work as designed, or they get replaced.
      If your bubble gum won't make a bubble, do you use some fix in a can? Hell no, you spit out the gum that isn't doing the job. You get some better brand, and try that.
      So, stop leak? Hell no. Only as a last resort to get you out of war zone.