Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Petrolicious just did a great article on Larry Wood... who knew he was driving a Jeep for the national guard in the Detroit Riots, and drove a 63 split window vette on race slicks across country?

Larry’s been working as a Hot Wheels designer for the last 48 years, worked with experimental metals at Pratt and Whitney, graduated from Art Center, built many a full-scale hot rod, designed at Ford, was actually in the National Guard during the Detroit riots driving a jeep with a .30 caliber machine gun on it though the streets of Detroit, was arrested for warning motorists about an unfair speed trap as a teen, drove a Corvette across the country on racing slicks in 1965, then got a job designing everything from Sears tractors, the first tractors with headlights. I did parts for Sears refrigerators. I did a Rock-Ola jukebox, the graphics, the buttons, to new interiors for airlines.

I tell people often, that most people have a hell of a cool life story, and they should write their biography. see what I mean?


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