Saturday, January 06, 2018

Today is dedicated to Ricky Bobby Rod Shop, just to piss off every emmer effer that complains that Garrett and Sons SHOULD put their name on Ricky Bobby's built rat rod. So, EFF YOU you, every damn one of you bitchy whining complainers, especially the clown who made up the fake name Barbie Bates

Coincidentally I photographed the above hot rod at the 2011 GNRS

Why the rant? Why the rare dedication to one builder? Because I got this bullshit comment today, well... I deleted the longer one that pissed me off more... Damn shame, you'd have preferred to read that one instead..

In response to my post which called out Paul Garrett, a rat rod builder, for putting his name on the rat rod Frankenstein (see above) built by Ricky Bobby Rod Shop, I've gotten a bit of mail than usual. Here's a photo of the car, and the most recent hate mail.

Barbie Bates 7:40 AM 6 Jan 2018

 Just because Paul Garrett has his business name in the side of his car doesn’t prove he’s claiming he built it. Rooter Rooter (sic) has their name on the side of their vehicles does that make them guilty of claiming they built it?

Your blog is slanderish, never anywhere is it saying Paul Garrett is claiming he built the ride. He purchased a ride, Put his logo on the side, and took it to a car show. Where’s the proof that he’s telling everyone at the car show he built it?

Just my thought.

My response

Maybe you're not his relative, or friend, but lets go for broke and postulate that you really aren't this fucking stupid - if Pepsi bought a can of coke, and then put the Pepsi label on it... what are they doing bringing it to the cola awards banquet?

If Roto Rooter bought a Rescue Rooter truck, and slapped the Roto sign over the Rescue sign, then went job to job cleaning storm drains... would they be thought of as claiming the Roto work level was getting the job done?

 How about Chevy buys a Ford truck, and changes the badges and nameplates to Chevy, then displays it on the Chevy podium at the annual LA International Auto Show? Are they also not claiming they built it? Fuck Paul Garrett and all your horseshit.

There, hows that for clearing the air.

Putting your name on someone else's rat rod, when you're competing with him for business? That's white trash, lazy, wanna be, limp dick, sister kissing, dip spittin', sheep fucking, retard level, bullshit.

Should I feel that I've gotten way worked up over nothing? That I'm a rageaholic or something? Nope. My pulse never varied over 70bpm. Keep in mind, no matter what else you may think about this website, it's mine. It's my expression of admiration or outrage, it's my showcase of the cool stuff I've come across that I want to share.

See, I somehow got to this age in life that I'm currently at and have maintained that if you lie, cheat and steal, you've just made yourself a dirtbag piece of shit. No one else did, it was of your own effort that you lost any iota of dignity, self worth, or justifiable indignation when not respected by anyone.

Putting your name on the work someone else did? That's plagiarism. It's bullshit.

When you create, build, work, put out the effort to construct something? You've done the opposite. You've crafted a thing that did not exist, and though it may not be flawless, lets agree it's good, and satisfying, 


  1. You are exactly correct. Not that you need me to tell you that.

  2. I can't wait to show these to our 11 year old grandson. The boy is crazy about hot rods.