Friday, December 15, 2017

Stan Mott's art and invented story to go with it.... purely for entertainment

One of the more fascinating vehicles at the 1985 Monterey Historic Automobile Races was this extremely rare 1921 Yumhammer TJ-16 Roadster. Little known outside of Muncie, Indiana, genius/blacksmith designer Yumhammer J. Horsefalls hammered this work of art out of used farm implements.

It was powered by a double row of four hyper hot Model-T Rajo engines he welded into a 16-cylinder monster. Driving it himself, Horsefalls would have qualified for the 1924 Indy 500 had not his machine been hit by lightening and thrown out of control!

Fortunately, there was little damage and no injuries. Unfortunately, Horsefalls was permanently disqualified from racing at Indy having aroused suspicions he was a warlock, and that the color of his car, green, from then on at Indy would be considered bad luck.

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  1. Stan Mott is on the list of people I will go back and see, when in due course time travel is invented.