Tuesday, December 12, 2017

the Ford Custom Car Caravan 1962 - 1965, a direct imitation of the General Motors Parade of Progress

Ford reached out to additional customizers and eventually either commissioned or adopted the work of the Alexander Brothers, George Barris, Clarkaiser, Bill Cushenbery, Dearborn Steel Tubing, Fostoria Customs, Dean Jeffries, and Gene Winfield.

Starting with the Barris-built but factory-designed Mercury Super Marauder and the Ghia-bodied Mercury Montego, this Caravan was joined by the Dearborn Steel Tubing-built Super Cyclone and the Winfield-built Comet Cyclone Sportster.

Some of the other cars were Dean Jeffries Python Falcon, George Barris' Starburst Landau Fairlane, Bill Cushenberry's Astro Galaxie, and the Alexander Brother's Alexa Galaxie 500, Gene Winfield's  Pacifica truck and the '65 Comet Cyclone Sportster for the Lincoln-Mercury Caravan.

George Barris turned a 1963 Fairlane 500 into the Landau Starburst and gave it an alligator-skin-covered top.


  1. The Ford van (greenbrair clone) has 3 headlights.....guess the passenger only needs 1.

    1. Maybe the extra headlight was supposed to be the same idea as the "Super-Lite" option for 1969-70 Dodge Monaco/Polara. This was an extra spotlight-style halogen light mounted in the grille directly in front of the driver.

  2. The Fairlane 500 Landau Starburst has to be one of the most restrained Barris customs ever!