Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Seven years in prison for American Volkswagen CEO

VW top man Oliver Schmidt got the maximum prison sentence of 7 years last night, because of the consumer's cheating.

The 48-year-old Schmidt was the highest boss at VW's American Environment and Engineering Office and is therefore seen as the main responsible for the dieselgate scandal. A few employees, including Schmidt, had set up a super secret fiddle cave next to the head office, to which only a few people had access. Schmidt sits since March 2017 in a US federal prison in Michigan, in August he pleaded guilty of two crimes - fraud against the US and violating the Clean Air Act .

In short: it was inevitable that Schmidt was hanging, the question was just how long. The judge was not exactly mild, and sentenced him to the maximum seven years in prison and a fine of $ 400,000. Quite a punishment for what is in fact a victimless crime , but perhaps also played a part that Schmidt refused all cooperation in the initial phase of the investigation.

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