Wednesday, December 13, 2017

He's 13, living in Canada, and needs a 51 Windsor for a parts car so he can fix up his 1951 Chrysler Windsor... how cool is that?

he talked the owner down to 300 bucks, and bought it from a grandson who inherited it after it was bought by his grand-dad from the original owner who used to haul milk with it.

After assessing the car, Liam put an ad online. “I need a parts car or parts. It would be good to have a parts car so, if anything breaks in the future, I have a source for replacements. I have had only had a few responses. One person has doors and the other lives too far away.” Liam says.

Apart from some assorted parts, his big need is for quarter panels that are the rear fenders. His have had rust issues and contain a lot of body filler.

It's in pretty good shape! But he's still going to need a parts car... anyone who can help him out, he can be contacted at

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