Thursday, August 10, 2017

Girls Auto Clinic (Philadelphia) is looking to hire a tech ... but I'm recommending you don't bother. Looks like a use em up and replace em, outfit. Just judging by their email

I've been up front with admiration in the past for this garage.

I just posted about this garage, it won the 2017 "Best of Philly" for Multipurpose Garage

Full write up about it, and gallery, and history at

But when I got an email from them, because they are looking for a mechanic... I thought it was worth my time to try and help, and make a post for readers to either get informed by, or share with someone who might want to work there. A place I used to admire for it's moxy. 

But, judge for yourself how I now feel, after getting the most useless reply I've ever seen to an email. 

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 1:30 PM, Jesse <> wrote:

Ok... spreading the word on the blog, 

but I'd like a couple bits of information.... who should resumes get emailed to? Who should a job prospect come and talk to?

I want to smooth the way for someone walking up and asking for a job, so if you can help me, and pretend for a sec you're the one walking across the street looking to work as a mechanic! Who do they ask to talk to during working hours, who do they email after working hours? Do they have to be fluent in English, or can they be sign language fluent, and or write out all conversations. 

What if they show up in a 65 Mustang, coveralls, and a tool box and say: You tell me the problem this car might have, and I'll tell you how to solve it. Bang total confidence - and then they answer how to fix anything on that car from a rough idle, failed power valve in the carb, bad pcv valve, intermittent ground fail on the ignition module, blown fuse, loose brake light pedal sensor switch, clogged radiator, wasted idler arm, loose pinion bearing, leaky rear main... and bad ignition switch. 

Do they get to the top of the list for potential hires? Even if they don't have any experience with new computer controlled foreign cars? Because they have 10 years of oil, battery, and tire rotations in some one stop town in Idaho, but are looking to strike out and make a new life. 

Or, if they show up and can't operate a obd sensor, have never rebuilt a trans, but have spent 5 years Korea fixing cargo vans and bleed 30 weight... is that a sinker for never having worked on cars? 

Give me something to tell my readers what your tech is going to be doing, normal day to day, and what you're pay is for them, and if you're going to pass on a person in a wheelchair with a degree from McPherson, and 4 years running a small service station in Utah. 

I'd just like to offer readers a general guide of requirements, limits, pay, days and hours, how long is lunch, when are paydays, and is this W2, or 1099. 

Why am I asking for all that? Well, I'm sure that is what I'd want to know, and that my readers will want to know. And I don't screw around. Straight to the point, refreshingly honest and full of info, and without disappointment or inferring I talk a game I don't deliver. 

Maybe that's your style, or I come off as too high maintenance... either way, I'm looking to improve the world when and where I can, and talking about a job listing is a good place to start to give as much as possible so no one wastes anyone's time. 

I wrote all these scenarios, because I've seen every single one of them. No kidding. 

Fwiw, if after I get your job listing posted, you get someone who came to you from reading my post, I'd like you to hand the $100 coupon to the next homeless woman you see. I'm in San Diego and not likely to ever get to Philly. 

PS., I forgot to ask in my 1st email, do they have to bring their own set of tools, or is your shop equipped with a grab and go tool set. 

If they have to bring their own, are they going to need to bring their own OBD reader, mechanics chair, step ladder, drill, drill indexes, extension cords, impact wrench, torque wrench, micrometer, air hose, 8 qt oil dispenser can, floor jack, jack stands, etc in addition to the typical sockets, combo wrenches, under light, screwdrivers, extensions and adapters?


Hey Jesse,

 Thanks for offering to share, all the information that I have can be found in the indeed job posting, the link is in the email!

Well... there was no link, and I don't even understand what email they are referring to.

But I used my Google Fu, and found the listing on, and it doesn't answer my questions.
It's a propaganda piece for the company for more than half the listing. Potential employees / mechanics don't need to be reminded of what a wonderful place they are dealing with, they need to know what they have to bring to do the day to day work.

Do they have to bring a 150ft/lb torque wrench? A 1/2" impact gun and air hose? etc etc.

So that was what I asked, to give that info to you, and I was not even given a link to the useless job posting.

OM and FG. That's useless. I can't find anything to admire about that place anymore. 


  1. Ever heard that no good deed goes unpunished? That's how I'm feeling about this. What a crock. I tried to help them, and help someone who needs a job and who cna qualify for this one learn about it. What sort of bullshit replay is that?

  2. Anonymous7:12 AM

    You're like the guardian ANGEL of mechanics!!! God bless your cutie little soul for asking such great questions AND really caring!!! So GOOT!! LOL! like how I said GOOT instead of good?? THat's just what we do here!! Anyway... I wish my MECHANIC was a KNOWLEDGEABLE AS YOU!!! luv you sister!!

    1. well darn it... I'm a car guy (though today I will be your honorary sister!) and have been a mechanic, and a tire and lube oil tech, and other stuff... and I know what everyone wants to learn before jumping through hoops to fill in an employment application form. Well... why bother if you already know that they require you to have a fully equipped rolling tool box, and pnuematic tools, and torque wrench, etc etc etc... or that they may require you to have 7 years experience and an ASE cert? So I asked. I tried. They dropped the ball, and were no help. So... I'm out. I learned my lesson, and share it so others will be warned off

  3. You have seen the scenarios you described but I doubt they have. If you had just asked required tools, experience, certifications, etc, they might have accepted your offer. But out of the blue your enthusiasm was probably something they're unfamiliar with and wrote you off as some whacko. Don't take it personal, their loss.

    1. thanks... I tried to get some real world helpful info... and they couldn't even send me a link. So, I've now written them off. I'll move on with my assistance and maybe some other worthy thing will pop up that I can help