Tuesday, August 08, 2017

China has a couple interesting vehicle laws

If a self-assembled motor vehicle or a motor vehicle old enough to be scrapped is driven on roads, the traffic control department  shall confiscate it and compulsorily scrap it.

A driver who drives on roads the motor vehicle mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be fined not less than 200 yuan but not more than 2,000 yuan and his driver's license shall be revoked.

  Where a motor vehicle old enough to be scrapped is sold, the unlawful gains shall be confiscated, a fine equal to the amount of money obtained from the sale of the vehicle shall be imposed, and the vehicle shall be disposed of.


 A vehicle longer than 18 feet 3 inches must be registered as a truck, and the driver must obtain a specific truck driver’s license.

This one forced Rolls Royce to keep their Phanton under that length, as they had intended their extended wheelbase Phantom to be 19 feet long.


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