Tuesday, August 08, 2017

name dropping Ak Miller, Art Chrisman, Danny Eames, Chickie Hirashima, and Mario Andretti. What one thing did they all work on? This indy engined Mustang on Bonneville, nitro powered

a 255-inch Ford Indy engine and a basically stock fastback.

They were shooting for a run at 200 mph during the private Bonneville timing session scheduled by Arfons and two streamliner teams.

After successfully setting both D/Production Sedan FIA records at 136.645 (standing kilometer) and 150.134 (standing five-mile), they tipped the can for back-to-back nitromethanated blasts of 171 and 175 before a burned piston ended the outing.

From start to finish, the ambitious project spanned just 34 days in late October and early November.


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