Thursday, August 10, 2017

That's it. I'm not subscribing to Hot Rod Deluxe anymore. 40 a year, for 6 issues? Nope.

Muscle Car Review has twice as many issues, for 1/2 the cost.

Something ain't right. I pay 60 a year (or so, I can't recall exactly what) for Rodders Journal, and that coffee table book every issue is worth every penny, and I've been getting it since about the 30th issue I think (they are at issue 75 now)

But I'm done with Hot Rod Deluxe. I've subscribed for 9 years now. I'm done. They aren't doing something right to bring down the costs of the magazine, that mostly has photos from the archives. That means they are free, already owned by the company, and shot by the best of the original photographers for Hot Rod... D'Olivio, and E Rickmann

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