Thursday, May 18, 2017

2 year follow up on the all girls garage, success! There are now 6 garages in the USA owned by women. So if you, too, support this, take your business to them

I posted about this in June of 2015 when it was still a goal:

the Girls Auto Clinic offers full-service auto repair, female mechanics, manis, pedis, and blowouts while you wait, all in a beautiful lounge tailored to women.

Plus, they have a monthly free clinic on car care, how to talk to a mechanic and what to do in a car emergency.

Plus, they have got the Pennsylvania cert for vehicle and emissions checks!

Car repair shops aren't known for catering to women, so Patrice Banks is trying to change that with a business model that focuses on female customers.

Banks quit her engineering job at DuPont and enrolled in automotive school, in part because she was uncomfortable going to auto repair shops.

“I hated all of my experiences going in for an oil change, being upsold all the time for an air filter."

Banks began surveying her friends, women she met through her job, the woman she bought coffee from each morning. She asked them: What do you wish you knew how to do for yourself but don’t? Overwhelmingly, the answer was: Fix my car. Banks looked for a woman mechanic she could talk to for a blog about car maintenance. She couldn’t find one. So at 32, she became a mechanic herself, going back to school at night for automotive technology while still working full time

That experience inspired Girls Auto Clinic: an auto repair shop and salon. While customers get their car fixed, they can also get a mani, pedi or hair styling. Seriously, you're going to need something to do for about a half hour while getting your oil changed... might as well consider the best use of your down time while your car is on the lift.

While women now hold more drivers licenses than men and spend more money each year on buying and having their cars repaired—more than $200 billion—they have good reason for these auto mechanic jitters. In a 2013 survey of car owners, 77 percent said mechanics are more likely to sell women unnecessary repairs, and a recent Northwestern University study found that auto-repair shops give women significantly higher price quotes than men.

Tool boxes for the hair brushes n stuff? I love it.

and they are still hiring hair and nail techs... it's harder to get the right employees (have you seen Beauty Shop with Queen Latifa? then you know) than good mechanics.

Banks has three stylists and nail techs now; but she’d like to have something like 10. The problem is that she’s having trouble finding people who can do nails and are passionate about her mission and brand.  Like when one of her stylists wasn’t wearing her uniform to work — a blue-collared mechanic shirt with a patch that says “Clutch.” “People are complex as shit,” says Banks. “I’d rather work with a machine.”

So if you know someone with the licenses and a year of experience in the upper Darby part of  the Philly area that wants to get working at a cool company, that is focused on helping women, let them know, the link is below to the job listing:

Must have a valid cosmetology license from State of Pennsylvania, and a degree from accredited Beauty School.   Clutch Beauty Bar exists not only to be a part of the Girls Auto Clinic and #sheCANic movement, but also Clutch exists to create a clubhouse for women.


  1. it would be illegal for a repair shop owner to state that he would never hire a female.
    but Im assuming no one cares if a female business owner publicly states she wouldnt hire men.

    this is a good story though, plenty of phony balony news stories about how women get paid less than men,

    thats mostly because women dont want to do jobs that require getting dirty,
    women plumbers get paid the same as male plumbers.

    1. She hasn't said that, she said the opposite. She has said she'll hire men. Need me to find that quote and copy it here? No... I think you can take my word for it. I have thoroughly researched the matter as that sexist contradiction bothers me to. But here's the thing... there simply aren't any (really, 6 shops in all the USA is statistically 0.15%) all female shops to discriminate against men. Really... if you can only focus on this one shop, out of the thousands in Philly, or the hundreds of thousands across the USA, then brother, the problem isn't that they won't hire you, it't that you can't allow them to have one damn shop to themselves. Seriously, women who won't hire men aren't the problem. Men who can't allow women to have their own place are the problem. Lets not be the problem today brother.

    2. and yeah, women don't want to do the shit jobs men have no options to get away from. Women don't become plumbers, trash collectors, road pavers, etc. That's probably for a couple reasons, and some of it has to be that they aren't lazy enough to settle, stupid enough to do hard labor, and of course, a lot of it has to do with no one forcing them to.
      I've been a cable guy and found that women don't get into that job, I've been a mechanic, and found that they don't get jobs mounting and balancing tires, changing oil, or replacing batteries. I've been an electronics tech, and found that women don't do that either. But I've found that men don't take jobs as secretaries, front desk receptionists, etc. Seriously, where I'm working right now it's all men in repairs, all women in accounting. All men in sales, and all men in management. Get this.. a woman owns the company.