Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Best thing I've read in months, and the action was caught on video in 2008

Point leader Scott Speed was put into the turn three wall by second-place point man Ricky Stenhouse and damaged the right side of his car. With the championship lost, Speed decided to make sure the guy who ruined his title hopes wasn't going to take home the trophy either.

So, I was reading in Autoweek magazine, August 7 2017 issue:

Scott Speed, had a season in ARCA, and havin won 4 of the 21 races, with 10 top-fives, 18 top 10s.

Surprisingly, perhaps even to Speed, he was leading the points when it came down to the final race in Toledo, Ohio.

Future Nascar drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr and Justin Allegaier were second and third in points, respectively.

Essentially, all Speed had to do to win the title was get a decent finish, so he was cruising." Stenhouse came up behind me and bumped me. Then he bumped me again. I have him the "go on by" wave, but he just kept bumping me." Soon, he bumped Speed into the wall, damaging the rear axle. There would be no season championship.

Speed pitted. "Give me four fresh tires," he told the crew. Nascar crew chief Slugger Labbe was the spotter. "It needs more than tires," Labbe said over the radio.

"Just give me four tires," Speed said. The crew did.

"They put the tires on and I went out there, and I waited for that motherfucker to come by, and I did not lift. Body-slammed him right into the wall. It was one of the most satisfying moments of my career -  my Ricky Bobby, "Talledega Nights' moment. Went out in my ARCA career - mic drop like a champion. It was great."

Allgaier, whom Speed likes, won the championship. "That was good," Speed says.

Stenhouse, whom he does not, did not. And that was good. No regrets?

"It was ARCA. It's not like that trophy is going on my mantle."

(expect a cool article to get posted, abbreviated, next week when it's available online, or grab the current issue of Autoweek, and read the article "Speed Racer" starting on page 34.) 

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