Monday, June 12, 2017

What new cars are getting the best MPG ratings? Well, incredibly the numbers are over 20 mpg better with 2017 hybrids over 2016 hybrids. Still no 2 door commuters with great gas mileage

in the 2016 cars
Prius, Accord Hybrid, Malibu Hybrid all get 50 freeway
Mitsubishi Mirage, and VW Jetta both get 48 freeway
Fiesta 43 freeway
Civic and Chevy Volt both get 42 freeway
Honda Fit and Scion iA 41 freeway
Mazda 6 gets 40 freeway

in the 2017
Malibu 48 (124 HP)
Accord Hybrid 49 (has 100 hp more than the several others)
Prius 3 59 (120 Hp)
Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid 59 (104 Hp)
Toyota Mirai 67 (151 Hp)
Honda Clarity Hybrid 66 (174 Hp)

also in 2017
Lexus CT 47
For C Mac 38
Toyota Camry hybrid 43
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 46
Ford Fusion Hybrid 41

Kia Niro Hybrid 50

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  1. Any 2 doors are getting harder to find.
    Due to a total (I convinced the magistrate it wasn’t my fault thus voiding the ticket ;o)) in 2006, I needed a new car. I bought a Chevy SSR since I had a string of El Caminos but really wanted a convertible. I love it, but if something happened to it, there’s nothing out there that lights my fire.