Sunday, June 11, 2017

there is a documentary movie about Vincents in the works

The story of the amazing rise and the dramatic fall of Vincent motorcycles produced by visionary Philip Vincent in a modest factory in war-torn England.

Faster than anything on the road, two or four wheeled, they took on the world – and won – gaining more speed records than any other manufacturer.

But by 1955 the firm pulled out of the motorcycle market through a toxic combination of a high-speed crash, poor industrial relations and Philip Vincent’s stubborn refusal to compromise.

The Vincent family’s fortune was spent and Philip Vincent died in a council flat in West London in 1979.

Now a movie about the world’s most desirable motorcycle has secured access to over 20 hours of fully restored period film shot by Vincent himself which has never been seen before, plus other long-lost footage, audio interviews and period pictures.

Also, quite important is the interview with John Surtees – uniquely, world champion on two and four wheels – on his apprenticeship at the factory, setting records and his relationship with Vincent... and the remaining 11 men who built and designed the bikes in the 1940s and 50s

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