Tuesday, June 13, 2017

a trailer of beauty is a joy forever

Did you ever realize, Americans made a LOT of leisure stuff really cool in the 40-60s, and then it all went to hell from the 70's on?

How much of that is due to the incredible generation born in the great depression, forged in WW2 or surviving at home with the rationing of eveything... and then BOOM, the USA went into making fishing and leisure boats, campers and trailers, the interstates, Cessna and Piper personal airplanes, etc.

Sure, some stuff is still made here... but it's mostly mastercraftsman level stuff that only millionaires can afford. For example, a 2017 Airstream Flying Cloud starts at 19 feet, and 62 thousand damn dollars. That's 3 times what my parents paid for their 2 story 4 bedroom house and 2 acres. The 25 foot International starts at 65 thou, it has panoramic windows at both ends. https://www.airstream.com/travel-trailers/


  1. As you know..My 1988 Winnebago works swell for me..The great 454 and TH400..
    Not so fancy anymore but what the quack?..I haven't done tents since the boy scouts and the U.S. Army..Still worth more than I paid for it 10 yrs ago..And still having fun and no payments.....