Friday, June 16, 2017

actor Michael Fassbender has successfully completed the first round of the 2017 North American Ferrari Challenge

A single-model (488) championship series developed by Ferrari for clients who have a passion for racing, the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli has thrilled drivers and fans alike since its inception in 1992. The Challenge is run in three divisions– Europe, Asia, and North America – and is an ideal platform for drivers who have a passion for racing.

The current season started on May 12 at Laguna Seca, not far from the annual Pebble Beach Concours is held.

57 amateur invitee drivers ripped through the 2.2-mile track’s fabled Corkscrew turn in a mix of 458 EVO Challenge and new 488 Challenge cars, the latter being the first turbocharged machine Ferrari has deployed for this mono-marque competitive series.

For a substantial sum (one that includes ownership of the vehicle), Ferrari gives its fans the ability to train with its top drivers in preparation for six races that culminate in a global showdown of top Challenge series racers each fall. Beyond helping amateurs amp up their skill level.

It all begins with the Corso Pilota, Ferrari’s progressive program of two-day training sessions on the track that qualifies each participant to race. A successful Challenge driver can advance into the GT series, which includes endurance racing, as well as Ferrari’s FXX and F1 Clienti programs — the former is by invitation only and involves track days around the world in racing versions of cars such as the 599 and LaFerrari, while the latter involves ownership of a retired F1 machine.

The next round of Ferrari Challenge competition will take place in four weeks’ time, June 9-11, heading north of the border to the prestigious Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Canada.

anyone else find it odd that a 40 year old millionaire actor doesn't own a car, but wants to hit the track racing in a Ferrari?

He decided at 17 to be an actor, when he was working in his parents’ restaurant in Ireland—and then nurtured that dream through more than a decade of failure.

Jobs he's had: barman, an unsuccessful audition for Ben Affeck’s part in Pearl Harbor ("Disney sent me a really nice note!"), unloading trucks, doing market research for Dell and the the Royal Mail.

While working for the mail, Fassbender was tasked with following up on complaints; no call could last longer than ten minutes. "You’ve got to hang up on these, like, lovely old people."

You might not recall, but he was in the tv shows Band Of Brothers, Murphy's Law, both before 2007, and then switched to movies, and does on average 4 a year since 2009

He was on Top Gear in Dec 2012, 18th series, 4th episode it looks like according to IMDB

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