Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tac Rider - Atlas bar... I bet this thing has a hell of a lot of uses, more than just getting a motorcycle uprighted

when big bikes (Up to 750 pounds)  battle deep sand, everyone falls sooner or later. However, you no longer need to break your back to get upright again. With the Atlas Bar you can take to the trails with confidence knowing that you have the added strength needed to easily set your bike back on its wheels after a spill.

Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and reinforced with steel collars, the Atlas Bar weighs in at just 5 lbs 3oz. And best of all, with the push of a few buttons, the Atlas Bar collapses into a package small enough to fit inside most panniers and soft luggage systems.

Cost: $285.00 USD and I can't even guess why it isn't on their website yet


  1. One of the first things any rider needs to learn is the proper way to get the bike up on two wheels.

    This stick ain't it.


  3. It reminds me of something similar.....