Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Justin has a cool grand dad, and a cool Plymouth truck that his grand dad gave him when he learned Justin was heading to McPherson College!

Justin's grand dad is the only other person in his family that is into cars... and how! He used to work with George Barris! When word got to him that his grandson Justin was heading to McPherson (the automotive college) he asked him if he'd like a cool ride, and they talked about what was available, and Justin picked this 1940 Plymouth truck! 

Down to the frame, and then some. The truck had been used hard and some cracks were in the cross beam, so the rivets were removed, the beam was worked on and welded, and then it was all straightened, and the process of making a runner began

still needs some straightening out on the roof, so the windows and windshield will fit in, but it's running with old school Mopar power. A straight 6 218 I think he said, from a 38 or 48.

While getting some online help, he learned that this is a rare military model, as they were the only ones to get a big gas tank, 26 gallons I think he said, instead of the normal 18, which took up the space the spare tires belonged in, which forced the spare to get mounted on the side.

Not only a rare truck made by Plymouth, but a rare Plymouth made for military use! Coincidentally, while shooting the breeze, I learned his great grand dad served on the USS Skipjack

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  1. Nice story,cool low buck family fixer upper.