Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Public service announcement, you can't trust computers, and this includes the back up camera on the infotainment display, this example clearly is locked up

When the above image wasn't changing as I moved in reverse, I looked out the back window...

 pretty damn close, and the image displayed was of course, frozen in place on the display screen, and even after turning the vehicle off and placing it in park (not in that order) it persisted to remain locked on the image obtained when I first shifted into reverse in order to park.

See, in park. The radio display is supposed to resume when you shift out of reverse into any other gear. So, this is a warning... don't trust computers completely, verify with your mirrors, or look out the back window. 


  1. In the winter my area is covered in snow..I let a part-timer park in my cleared driveway to get to his cabin..He backed into my snowmobile trailer and knocked it of it's jack..His response when confronted?..The back-up warnings did not go off in his truck...He does have mirrors..Oh well..I have to keep an eye on him now..

    1. Ahh geez! He blamed the truck, and didn't man up? I burn up when I hear stories like this... to have no self respect and take the matter straight to you when hitting your trailer, and you know, making it right... but leaving it to you to confront him? What a dog. And you're the generous one letting him use your driveway for parking! UGGGG. People sometimes!