Sunday, June 11, 2017

one of the coolest cars at the San Marino car show today, was stored in a garage in 1958, under blankets, and left alone for nearly 60 years. It was originally won in a raffle, for a dollar. All the stuff in the trunk was found in it

looks like the last time this car was on the road was a cross country drive going through Nebraska

the Kleenex box and the blanket were left in the car too


  1. And somehow no Micky or Minnies got into it...Amazing!

  2. I think I want that chore coat. Try finding a new one without elastic or ribbed cuffs. This car is beautiful.

  3. The old glass bottle......usually mounted on the firewall is used for upper cylinder lubrication. We filled them with Marvel Mystery Oil and there was an adjustment on top so you could get it to drip.....2 times a minute. A line went from the top of the jar to the base of the carburetor, the vacuum would pull the oil into the intake charge and lube the valve stems. Oil in the 50's was not so hot.

    1. Yeah, that's what I was checking out an this car... it's the only example I can think of where I've found an auxiliary oiler in the engine bay. AH HA! Found another in a VW Bug I bought a Marvel aux oil tank at the swapmeet a couple years ago