Monday, June 12, 2017

On July 1st, scooters and motorcycles made before the year 2000 will not be allowed in the big French city restricted zones

The FFMC requested  "the free movement of motorized two-wheeled vehicles in restricted areas" .

 As of July 1, the Crit'Air sticker becomes mandatory, this means that: (not all of these make sense to me, maybe it's due to Google translate?)

- the non-presentation of the Crit'Air sticker on vehicles declared authorized to enter restricted areas (ZCR) will constitute an offense punishable by a € 68 offense.
- Vehicles with a date of first release prior to May 31, 2000 for two-wheelers (2WD) and 1997 for automobiles, are definitely classified as prohibitions of stay in large cities which will define a ZCR.

The French Federation of angry motorcyclists (FFMC) challenges this exclusion, especially regarding 2WD because:

None of them diesel,
They fluidify the traffic of vehicles in agglomeration,
Their light weight does not damage the roads,
Their small footprint is an asset in traffic and parking,
"A 2WD (whatever its age), it is not a motorcycle more in traffic, it is a car less in traffic or a user less in public transport heavily saturated at peak hours," Stresses the FFMC. In other words, the motorcycle is not a pollution, it is part of the solution with regard to pollution problems related to motor vehicle traffic and congestion."

The FFMC has asked for a hearing to the Minister of Ecology, Nicolas Hulot, to ask him to "reconsider the prohibition of motorcycle traffic in the mechanism of the ZCR that we consider inappropriate, unjust and antisocial ," she explains. 
"we protest against the upcoming restriction in built-up areas, prohibiting the use of our old motorcycles and scooters on the grounds that their engines do not comply to the most severe standards currently in force on emissions. We do not dispute that our two-wheeled vehicles emit harmful gases (like all motorized vehicles), but we consider that this pollution is much less than disposing of our vehicles and replacing them with new ones."

"In Paris, Lyon or Marseille, what will the owners of bikers do after July 1st? Will they resume their modern car and thus contribute more to traffic congestion, and pollution? Will they go into debt to acquire a new vehicle whose manufacture results in more global pollution than what their old bikes are generating local pollution? Will return to public transport already saturated at peak hours? Can the eradication of these old two-wheeled vehicles for ideological ends and dogmatic principles help to reduce air pollution in the city? Come on!"

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  1. In this case, the French government and those ecologists are just wrong with anything. They just try something and move the different problems from a point A to a point B. And don't ask me what I think about the stupid Crit'Air stickers.