Thursday, June 01, 2017

this is shocking... 19 year old woman loves her 1968 Road Runner... that is cool, very rare. How many college women are driving muscle car Mopars? Just one, this one

it's even her facebook page banner! That's incredible!

She wrote back in response to my asking for some info about why she digs a Road Runner:
My dad bought it about 19 years ago and has been working on it since. The car has been in my life ever since. I remember helping my dad work on it while we listened to Lynyrd Skynyrd. For the longest time I wasn't into cars. My dad has always been into them.

Then I shocked everyone in my family and signed up for auto collision. Then something hit me and I wanted to know more about the classic mopars. And I just started reading more and more about them. And fell more in love with mopar. Especially those winged cars. If someone asked about getting a muscle car, I'd tell them to get one. There's just something about starting a 440 up.

It's a 4 barrel, 727, and runs through Flowmasters

Indiana girl who goes deer hunting and drives a Road Runner. Wow.

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  1. Nothing but admiration and respect for this young lady. God bless her.