Friday, June 02, 2017

Gabriel shocks is celebrating 110 years of business, and giving away a custom built 67 El Camino (50th anniversary) - drawing entries must be in by August 30th

Notice that when making an entry the rules are available only if you notice the very light lower right hand "RULES" and click on them at the bottom of the page, but ya have to agree to them anyway, and you have to chose one of 4 tv shows you probably don't watch as your favorite - before your entry is accepted.

You can see the El Camino getting painted on

in 1900, an entrepreneur named Claud H. Foster decided to combine his two greatest passions, tinkering with automobiles and playing the trombone.

Foster invented a multi-tone automobile horn using the concept of a trombone, calling it “Gabriel’s Horn.”

Taking the name from his invention, and using $1,500 he had saved, he founded Gabriel® - a company that would go on to revolutionize automobile suspension systems.

With the same pioneering and independent attitude that founded the company, Gabriel’s continual advancements in technology and innovation lead to them becoming a company of “firsts”;
 creating the first automotive hydraulic shock absorber;
the first adjustable shock absorber;
the first air-adjustable shock absorber – the industry leading Gabriel HiJackers®;
 creating the first Position Sensitive (Groove Tube) Technology;
 the first U.S. produced twin-tube shock absorber – the Gabriel Gas Ryder;
and introducing Velocity Sensitive Technology for shocks and struts – a new advancement and innovation in ride control technology

Potential winner must take delivery of the prize no earlier than November 7, 2017 and no later than November 18, 2017 at RTM Productions LLC., 130 Southeast Parkway Court, Franklin, TN 37064 or prize will be forfeited. The winner will be solely responsible for all federal, state and local taxes (including but not limited to income taxes and sales taxes), registration, license, title and insurance fees and for all costs and expenses associated with acceptance, delivery of and/or use of all elements of the prize, in whole or in part, not specified herein, including but not limited to all taxes, fees, insurance, travel costs and expenses, shipping costs and/or any other expenses associated with acceptance, use of and/or taking delivery of the prize.

The potential prize winner will be chosen by random drawing on or about September 6, 2017 and notified on or about September 23, 2017 from all eligible entries received.

And be sure to get a couple easy simple more entries by using the list of extra entries... take a look, and then click on the ones you want to do -  the easiest are to click through to Gabriels website, and Power Nations website. That's 2 very simple easy more entires

See, clicking through on the blue works on these two, and on the facebook pages 

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