Saturday, June 03, 2017

one of the reasons it hard to hire good mechanics... pay. A burger flipper starting at In N Out makes more an hour than a dealership oil and tire mechanic starting.

So, why the hell would a high school grad waste the money buying his own tools and rolling tool chest and making less where there won't be any time spent talking to women?

I work at a dealership in San Diego, there are no women in any job that doesn't have a computer for them to sit at all day long. Not a single one.

But at In N Out, the line is always out the door of college age people waiting to get in. Well, in San Diego anyway, we have about 4 major universities, and lots of colleges...

FWIW, a mechanic at a Harley dealership makes twice what a car dealership mechanic makes, and never has to stand under an hot car spilling hot oil on him.

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