Tuesday, May 30, 2017

GT 350

I don't remember hearing where Carroll Shelby came up with the number, or why.

The "GT" is gran turismo of course, but why the number 350?

Maybe I've read it before, but forgotten. Anyway, this morning I read that it stands for the number of horsepower in the 289 that the 1965 and 66 Mustangs could put out after Shelby's shop was done with them.


Jean reminded me (Thanks!) that the old yarn about the 350 number is that
"the story goes that there was a meeting held to determine the new model's name. It went on a 
long time with much contention and no consensus. Finally, a testy Shelby asked, out of the blue, how far it was from the meeting room to the nearest building. About 350 feet, someone replied. "

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