Tuesday, May 30, 2017

down home, roadside, and farm fresh

In northern Europe, America and Japan, vegetables, fruits, eggs, honey and locally produced flowers are sold fresh all week long on the stands near the farms.

The self-service system, without any surveillance, works quite well away from the cities. Out in the country the majority of the sales are to neighbors and tourists.

 Farmers, busy in the fields and gardens leave these stands unattended. The customers chose their products and pay by putting money into a drop box, or under a rock.

 It seems incredible but it's all true and very rarely are there dishonest customers who do not pay.  Sometimes the collection at the end of the day is higher than it should be.

My grandparents had yard decorations they sold this way, and eggs from the many chickens Grandma kept busy before bbq season rolled around.


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