Thursday, June 01, 2017

Fiat provided ten 600D Multiplas to be used by the athletes and officials in Rome for the 1960 Olympics, and 24 500s

The 1960 Olympics in Rome were certainly unique, Cassius Clay was boxing,
the Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila was barefoot and became the 1st African Olympic Champion, and it was the 1st Olympics with "sponsors" who provided "official" products like the Fiat, and other resources, free of charge.

Gillette provided 10,000 boxes of shaving equipment, Olivetti provided 1000 typewriters, Omega offered stopwatches, Zanussi provided 60 refrigerators for Olympic village, Coca Cola gave 200,000 bottles, and Lambretta gave transportation to photographers and press.

Thus a trend was born, and in Tokyo in '64, there were 100 companies doing the same, from hairdryers, to washing machines, etc

The 1960 Rome Olympics reflected the the eruptions and disruptions of the modern world.
Rome "teemed with spies" as the Russian KGB frantically tried to head off possible defectors. For the first time, steroids and amphetamines were detected during routine testing. Racial tensions boiled, while the International Olympic Committee tried to avoid the issue of South African apartheid.

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