Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Denmark, has the lowest rate of auto injury rate in the world

Denmark has the road tests that teenagers have to pass, that other countries aren't smart enough to require, which give drivers in Denmark the experience needed to prevent more collisions and crashes.

There is a legal requirement for all new drivers in Denmark to undertake a minimum of:
 Seven hours of traffic related first aid lessons
 28 theory lessons
 Four practical maneuver lessons on a track
 16 driving lessons in traffic
 Four lessons on an advanced slippery track

The maneuver track lessons include: driving in a figure of eight, setting and stopping off by the side of a road, driving forwards and backwards with measured braking, reversing and turning, parking in bays, three-point turns, forward and reverse slalom, breaking hard without locking the wheels.

The slippery track lessons include: driving on a slippery track at speeds of 30-70 Km per hour, and teaches skills such as road holding and loads, speed, braking length, regaining control after skidding and keeping control after driving over a high edge.

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  1. Years ago Denmark required 16-year old kids to pass a test and acquire a driver's license, in order to legally ride 20 mph mopeds. After that law was implemented, the accident rate for moped riders went down significantly. Considering the stoopid stuff I did on mopeds, I occasionally think I was lucky to make it without more damage than was inflicted.