Thursday, June 01, 2017

1964 Nissan Cedric Special – the car given the responsibility of carrying the Olympic torch at the Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympic Games


  1. As a kid I remember they came with a strong tint of blue or green in the glass all the way around and had a two pin plug in the glove box you could pull and take with you as a kill switch.
    The front number plate was hinged to cover the crank hole and the radiator cap had a little chain incase you dropped it.

    If ever a decent one comes my way at the right price, I have a spare 318 and 727.

    1. You're talking about a Nissan Cedric? What was the two pin plug in the glove box, a fuse? Or circuit breaker maybe? I love those little chains that keep the tank caps hanging around so you don't put them down and lose them. A spare mopar power train is a mighty find thing!

  2. It was like a Circuit breaker....pull the plug and the car no startie.
    I happen to still have one believe it or not.

    I think they look a bit 'KGB' in a Japanese '59 Rambler kinda way.
    Just imagine it about three inches closer to the ground with two pipes poking out under the rear bumper......
    OK, lose the forward mirrors. I hate them...but nothing else.