Thursday, February 02, 2017

What the F?

Thanks Steve!


  1. I've seen oil in the coolant system before, but it looked like a milkshake, not as thick as that...either way I'd be seriously worried. lol.

    1. I've seen the chocolate milk too... this is plain weird, and I suspect a prank to get a viral video (that this GIF was made from)

  2. I saw an oil pan dropped once on a blown engine. The mix of stop leak, oil and antifreeze had set up in a gel/jello like substance that you could read the numbers on the crankshaft where it had stopped. Might be the beginning stages of that.

  3. Longtime mechanics may be able to better describe how things got to that point, but it seems as though there can only be 3 possible explanations:

    1) Vehicle is 18 years old with 200,000+ miles on it and has never had the antifreeze changed...

    2) The vehicle was leaking or burning oil for some time now, so when the head gasket failed, the owner kept dumping more oil in...

    3) The owner just poured oil into the coolant overflow tank (and a lot of it). This might suggest the owner's gender OR the owner's age. I'm tempted to rule out age as a factor, since most of these kids won't attempt to do anything until they've watched at least one YouTube video.

    Breathtaking, regardless.