Thursday, February 02, 2017

the Mopar 16, will be the Ram Rebel. Mopar has never chosen a pickup truck to turn into their annual special edition vehicle until now.

the press release says that previous limited-edition Mopar vehicles were delivered with a custom owner's kit. I've seen a half dozen come through the used car dept at the dodge dealership I work at, but I've never seen one of these souvenir kits.

According to the Rebel website forum, no one has gotten the kit bag after buying a Mopar 16 so far, Mopar has told those buyers that they aren't made yet, and won't be shipped out from HQ for a while, one owner was told Fiat was going to personalize the (data plaque) birth certificate for each owner

This one will feature Mopar '16 merchandise, a brochure and a unique metal birth certificate that highlights truck specifications, date of manufacture and the proprietary number. Kit contents are stored in an attractive case and packaged in a Ram-branded tool bag.

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