Saturday, February 04, 2017

let me take a moment to applaud those people who don't give up, and push on in spite of problems... every one in this video (how has this not gone viral online?)

For the coverage of the 2016 Brazil Paralympics: Channel 4 in England has a youtube video selection


  1. outstanding !
    thanks for posting.

    I have a close friend that was born with no legs,
    parents were told he would never walk etc.

    he gets around great, is a software engineer, has a brand new mustang with hand controls and a 66 Galaxie Convertable with hand controls, that he restored from the ground up by himself, adding fuel injection, an Overdrive transmission and air conditioning

    1. aww shoot, I don't deserve much thanks for sharing this.. it's just incredible. There are about a dozen videos in this series, I only posted the grand opening, and the other two that are about vehicles and riders