Thursday, February 02, 2017

Looks to me like the Demon is the new Super Stocker for NHRA racing... but chime in and let me know what you think

Motor Authority reports that Dodge dropped over 100 pounds from the car by deleting its rear bench and the front passenger seat, and a Dodge spokesman confirmed the detail to Fox News.
55 pounds, removed rear seats
58 pounds, removed front passenger seat

Removing the rear seats to make a special lightweight version of a street legal sports car isn’t that uncommon -- Ford does it to the Mustang to create the Shelby GT350R, as does Porsche for the 911 GT3 -- but the passenger seat? Not unless you’re building a race car.

Dodge appears to be trying to make the Demon as close to one of those as possible. Along with the seats, it also stripped out the spare tire, trunk liner, a bunch of sound insulation, all but two of the speakers, the electronic parking sensors and the power-adjustable steering column.

To be fair, Dodge hasn’t even said for sure that the Demon even is street legal -- in fact, it has a button marked Race Gas on the dashboard

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