Monday, October 24, 2016

worst crash (in terms of # of dead) in California in decades, as a bus from a casino smashes at high speed into a semi trailer

The crash occurred at 5:17 a.m. Sunday in Desert Hot Springs as the bus headed back to Los Angeles from a casino in Thermal near the Salton Sea.

Passengers said they boarded the USA Holiday bus Saturday night at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Vermont Avenue for a trip to the Red Earth Casino in Thermal.

In the past, the bus company charged $20 a ticket for round-trip travel to get to 4½ hours of gambling.

The bus went about 15 feet into the trailer


  1. update to my previous comment, I see this info was released:

    "Authorities confirmed the truck was going about 5 mph amid maintenance work that slowed highway traffic."

    Obviously the bus was going much faster.

    1. I had read that there was maintenance slowing traffic in the area, but nothing had mentioned the semi was basically creeping along. Damn, when the trucker said he felt he'd been run over, now, now that makes sense and I understand way. The bus driver must have been completely distracted or asleep at the wheel (been there, done that, was lucky not to hit anything)