Monday, October 24, 2016

Timeless Americans, a 3 year passion project to make a coffee table book about pre1916 motorcycles

Eddie Lee just released the 1st printing of the 14” x 11”landscape-style edition of Timeless American, a selection of Pre-1916 Motorcycles, which was produced and printed in the United States.

The hard cover case bound book has 264 pages, circa 1900 to 1915 – single, V-Twin and four cylinder engines. The book showcases 26 manufacturers in chronological and alphabetical order, including Thor, Henderson, Flying Merkel, Marsh Metz, Hudson, Pope, Marvel, Reading Standard, Emblem and Cyclone, to name a few.

Lee shot an average of two bikes per day. The entire shoot took about eight months and post production took another six months. To order your copy go to: Iron Vault Studio The book retails for $125.

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