Friday, October 28, 2016

dumping bed trailer... nice!


  1. I used to have one,

    VERY handy

    not as expensive as you think,
    ours was about $3500 new.
    dont get larger than a 6x10 it will be too heavy when you load it

  2. We have a 14' goose-neck dump trailer... Has ramps and tie towns for a tractor and can hold 7 tons of material. The tailgate has two options... One is split, and hinged on each side, opens like double doors. Two, it is hinged at the top, like a dump truck, so you can control the flow of material if you want to...
    Like this one above, self contained hyro system... It has two 3 stage rams to dump the bed

    1. you have a really well designed trailer! Sweet!