Thursday, October 27, 2016

Back when Mercury had muscle

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  1. My buddy had a black 1963 Comet with a "high performance 289" with a tunnel ram and dual quads up top. Headers, race-ready roller cam and all the trick parts though the body was beautiful and original, OMG what a rocket! He also had one of the very first digital tachs that came out and he thought that particularly..."cool" that this engine could rev faster than the tach could register the rpm's. I remember going for a ride or two and while that tach business was cool not being the driver as well as being terrified by how this car really ran gave perhaps the original meaning of...hooking up not what one would normally think of these days. Wow... I always liked that body style and particularly the tail lights and the back end. That was one of the cars I enjoyed and always wanted growing up in the 1960's myself. Although I haven't seen the owner for years, last I heard he still owned the car but it had a little more tame propulsion unit under the hood as opposed to that wild thing and he only drove it on special occasions. While there's still a few of these around it's hard to find really nice ones that aren't...overpriced. And as far as the performance models you may as well look for a unicorn. Like they say, the nicer the nice, the higher the price. And these...fancy(er) "Falcons & Fairlanes" that were some of the supercars of their era are no different.