Thursday, October 27, 2016

this kid is going to be a lot of troubles and worries for her parents!

the car behind her seems to be a 1970 Javelin

without the halo roof, and minus the SST badge in front of the side marker reflector. Notice the bumper is tucked in, the beltline matches, the door handles are a match, and the backseat side window is the right length, plus the wheel arch is the right spacing from the door to the peak of the arch.


  1. What kind of car do you think that is in the background? The bumper suggests pre-1973. The quarter panel marker light suggests post 1967. The door handles suggest an AMC. Australian car, maybe?

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    2. My first thought was Barracuda, but nope, the door handle is close but not it, so it's most surely a 1970 Javelin

    3. I already checked that, I don't think it is.

    4. I'm just giving my guess, as requested. I based it on the door handle design, of course, and the rear bumper, the length of the back seat passengers window, and the side marker light. I'm satisfied that I chose well. Go to the wikipedia page, and down 1/2 way to the white SST with the halo covered roof, then check the beltline, etc etc. I believe it's a match.

    5. but hey, I could be wrong. I added the images to the post to compare them. Saving you the time of finding the wikipedia page I referred to

    6. I believe that you are correct.