Sunday, October 23, 2016

aBrubaker Box was at the Art Center Classic

Brubaker studied at Art Center in Pasadena and then helped design the iconic Lear jet, and worked in GM's Advanced Research Group.

The Brubaker Box — also produced under the name Automecca Sports Van — was a custom vehicle built, like so many kit cars of the era, on a VW Beetle chassis. The Box wasn't exactly a kit car, though, since it was only available in finished form during the all-too-brief time it was available.

The problem was he never could reach a deal with VW to sell him only chassis and drivetrains, so he was always stuck buying full Beetles and selling off the unneeded parts, which was hardly efficient. Selling the cars at $3995 only let him barely break even.

Eventually, the Box design was sold to Automecca, who sold it as the Sports Van, though not many were sold there, either.

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