Thursday, August 11, 2016

Team Merlin made a replica of a Vickers Vimy

the Vimy's last flight from Duxford before it is retired at Brooklands Museum in Surrey

Photo by Brian Marshal in 2009,

a year earlier at Farnborough

A second flyable Vimy replica, NX71MY, was built in 1994 by an Australian-American team led by Lang Kidby and Peter McMillan, and this aircraft successfully recreated the three great pioneering Vimy flights:
 England to Australia flown by Lang Kidby and Peter McMillan (in 1994),
 England to South Africa flown by Mark Rebholz and John LaNoue (1999)
and in 2005, Alcock and Brown's 1919 Atlantic crossing was recreated, flown by Steve Fossett and Mark Rebholz.

Remember when Fossett and other billionaires were doping great things in airplanes and balloons to set world records? That was only 10 years ago

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