Friday, August 12, 2016

crash landed right in the victory garden, so much for the slaw or sauerkraut


  1. Jesse, I am in awe of the great photos and info you are putting here. Seems you've hit the jack pot. Thank you for sharing this WW2 pics and stories. And there are so many we still don't know about whether by design or accident.

    1. thank you! I am knocked out by the cool stuff I've come across too!
      Its like you say, its a gold mine, and I'm just going to keep on digging through until I get to the end, and I hope to find so much more fun cool stuff. I wish someone had a site of just the incredible stories, seriously, there are tens of thousands of cool stories from the wars, but no one has collected them. I'd like to, but not until I get a better paying job, and a place of my own, until then I'm trying to do stuff to get that better job, and doing this blog in m spare time

  2. Replies
      I'd love to find a decent kit of it.