Monday, August 08, 2016

Goof balls... there used to be a magazine called Readers Digest, and they had a section called "Humor In Uniform" and this was the type of thing you'd read about there

there is a lot of space after they pull the jet engine out... and these guys with a bit of time on their hands and a photographer to entertain made the best of it

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  1. Actually those are Navy pilots from VF-5A in Navy fighter, North American FJ-1 Fury.

  2. No, it's a Navy FJ-1 Fury fighter with the engine out, and they're all wearing early-50s style Navy helmets, so it's more likely a bunch of naval aviators having fun.

  3. There's still a magazine called The Readers' Digest and it still has Humor in Uniform.

    1. yes, indeed. But about 30 years ago, it was ubiquitous. Now, few have heard of it